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Communication – The best way…

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

With today’s means of communication, there’s numerous ways to get in touch with friends, family and businesses alike. Several online platforms are available at the ready to communicate, but make it almost improbable to make sure you actually *get* your message to someone unless you actually talk to them face to face or on the phone – especially businesses. Between fielding emails, web inquiries, texts, DM’s through Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, it can be laborious to keep track of the daily inquiries we get here at the shop. While all these means are great and convenient, the best way to communicate with your tattooer will always be face to face conversations.

Nine times out of ten, when corresponding with a client (or potential client) via cyberspace, we always ask if you’re local and if so, if you could come into the shop at your convenience. The reason we do this is so that we can meet you, see physical examples of your ideas, see the placement that we’ll be tattooing and/or the other tattoos we may be working around/with. This face to face consultation goes a long way in making sure we know exactly what you’re wanting to do with your new tattoo and that we execute our design for you correctly and in an adequate window of time as it pertains to your appointment date and time.

There are always exceptions to the rule however. Smaller and/or “canned” designs, may not need a face to face consultation. Folks from out of town or even out of state may not have the means to come in for said consultations, we get it. However, if you’re local and have the means to make it by before your appointment, or to talk about an idea for a tattoo, by all means, please stop by! See ya at the shop.

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Tattoo Etiquette

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

The day has finally come. You’ve compared online portfolios, read reviews, met with an artist for consultation, and made an appointment. But now that it’s time to get tattooed, what do you need to know before you get to the shop?

Try and eat something beforehand. Something light and easy is fine, so if you’re planning on bringing something with you, keep that in mind. No burgers, tacos, brisket sandwiches or po’ boys. Tattoo shops have to keep a sterile environment and abide by strict health codes, so there’s no food in the tattoo studio area. A lot of first-timers bring friends, which is fine; just make sure they know that the tattoo studio is a place of business, just like any other and that they should act accordingly. It’s also a good idea to keep the number of friends to a minimum — there will be other people getting tattooed and providing a comfortable atmosphere for all our clients and artists is something a shop aims to deliver.

Don’t wear your best clothes to get tattooed. You’re going to bleed a little, there will be some ink that may get on your fancy duds and you’re going to have to make it home in a bandage, so things could get messy. Keep in mind these things hurt, so try your best to stay still while you’re getting tattooed. A tattoo shop is no place for children. There are visuals, music and language that are not suited for younger ears, so please try and make arrangements for your children before coming to get tattooed, or coming in for a consultation. Last but not least, tip your artist! Tips are never expected, but always appreciated. Tattooers don’t have corporate insurance packages or fancy retirement funds. They work hard to better their craft and stay ahead of competition in order to give you the best tattoo possible. Tattooing is a service, but it’s also a brief relationship between the tattooer and the customer. Adhering to these things will make the process go much more smoothly for both parties involved. See you at the shop!

Dustin Brown (Tattoo Collector)