Building Relationships Through Blood and Ink

Tattoos are more than ink in skin. They are a representation of self; a symbol of remembrance: of time, place, and a representation of who we were at that exact moment in our life. The relationship between tattooer and customer is just as important as the piece of art that walks out of the tattoo shop.

Every city has its fair share of shops and talented artists, and along with the growing number of people entering the industry, egos have begun to pop up and/or remain prevalent. But along with this newly termed “tattitude,” remains the true tattooer who respects tattooing’s history and upholds the dignity of their craft while catering to their customers and remembering that tattooing is a service.

What makes a tattooer isn’t the amount of Instagram likes he has, the number of shops he’s guested at or amount of trophies and/or accolades he’s received during his career. A tattooer is measured by his ability to apply clean, timeless designs that the wearer can carry with them for life. That coupled with a good tattoo experience that’s welcoming, kind, accommodating and timely sets apart a good tattooer from the crowd. Tattooers are in the good graces of their customers; without them, they wouldn’t be able to do what they love every day.