Upcoming Guest Artists

We are excited to announce the following upcoming guest artists we’ll be having in over the next several months. Below are the dates and contact information for the upcoming artists. Please do not call Good Graces Tattoo to inquire about scheduling as these guys will be handling their respective schedules and will do their best to accommodate folks on a first come first serve basis. Thanks for looking!

Ruben Salazar od Old Salt Tattoo
September 30-October 1
Email: rubenjsalazarjr@gmail.com
Instagram: @owlproject_tattoo

Drew Susi of Riot Ink Tattoo
October 7-8
Online Portfolio
Email: drewdsusi@gmail.com
Instagram: @drewstattoo

Brett Burnham of Saints & Sinners & Sean Bajek
October 27-29
Brett Burnham

Online Portfolio
Email: goodlife.art@gmail.com
Sean Bajek
Email: tattoobajek@gmail.com

Instagram: @tattoobajek