Well, the progress of the new studio is coming along, even during the holidays. The outside of the building is still under construction as there is a piano salesman and repairman downstairs. Floors have been laid, fixtures and sinks have been installed, electrical is on deck. With the remaining inspections and outfitting, we’re hoping to be up and running come January 1. If you have and appointment with Luke or Shawn, they will be in touch with you about where you will need to go to get tattooed, wether it be at Invoke Tattoo on Oleander Dr. or Good Graces Tattoo.

Please be aware the the building is a multi-unit facility and there still may be some construction going on even once we’ve opened our doors.The building was built in the 40’s and has been undergoing some serious renovations over the past several months, so bear with us until everything gets squared away. That being said, there may be some confusion on how to get to the right place once you’re here. The entrance to the studio is on the south side of the building where our sign will be located. You’ll enter through a common area and come up the staircase to the studio. If you get turned around, give us a call, we’ll point you in the right direction.