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The landscape of the tattoo industry in Wilmington is changing; we would like to believe that we are changing with it. It use to be that most shops relied solely on walk-in traffic and it was entirely feasible that one could make a living based on said business. These days, the tattoo market is over saturated and competitive, and almost every tattooer with a good portfolio works primarily by appointment. Most significantly, our modes of communication, marketing and advertising have changed; they require almost constant attention to maintain a steady clientele. If you tattoo in Wilmington, in addition to drawing and tattooing, maintaining your tools and supplies, there is a lengthy regiment you adhere to in order to keep up with promoting yourself as a tattooer.  Answering shop emails, personal emails, social media messages, and general inquiries, posting to all forms of social media for personal accounts and shop accounts, updating website content, update personal portfolio, answer and return shop phone calls, meet with clients, make appointments, and in some shops, mop the floors (not in ours, we have a cleaning service), and if you have time left over, you should be painting and drawing, we get it, the list is long. The time once allotted for making needles and painting flash has now been dwarfed by an endless stream of marketing and social media responsibilities that exist on top of your normal routine to stay in touch with your clientele and make a living doing what we love to do. For better or worse, as a tattooer in Wilmington, NC, this is our situation.

We are looking for likeminded professionals that don’t need a boss but can handle their clientele and business with said professionalism. At the end of the day, you are a general contractor, no matter where you work. The security of your income relies solely on your relationship with your customers and the quality of work and service you provide. If you have put in your time as a tattooer and have the experience, and are willing to do what it takes to become a better artist, tattooer, and a better businessman/woman, then we hope this appeals to you. If so, click HERE to find out more.